We all want our children to be healthy and live active lives. Cycling is a fantastic family friendly activity that can get everyone outdoors and in better shape. Before you take your children out on the bike paths, be certain to check the following 5 safety tips to ensure safe travels wherever you go.


1. Proper size bike

Most bikes are adjustable to accommodate for growth over time. Take time to properly fit your child’s seat and handlebars to their height. If your child outgrows their bike be certain to invest in a new one to ensure safety. It’s equally important to not have a child ride a bike that is too big for them.


2. Helmet safety

In Ontario it is law that anyone under the age of 18 is required to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. Although it is not law for anyone over the age of 18 to wear a helmet it is good practice. Especially for parents to provide a good safety example for their children.


3. Teach proper signaling

The best way to ensure your children will be safe operating a bicycle on the road is to teach them at a young age about proper signaling and road safety. If you arm your children with the proper left, right and stop hand signals at a young age and teach them how to safely make turns on the road they will be safe travellers for life.


4. Teach proper cycling attire

Along with your child’s first bike be sure to give them plenty of brightly coloured clothing. Teaching them at a young age that visibility on the road is important could potentially save their lives one day. Reflectors and flashing lights added to the bike are always a fantastic extra safety touch. Take your child on a shopping trip and have them pick out some of their own bike safety gear!


5. Always have a bell

With the absence of a horn, bikes require a means to alert cars and pedestrians to their oncoming. Having a bell loud enough to be heard could be key to avoiding serious accidents. It is also a helpful tool in alerting slower cyclists of your desire to pass them on a bike lane.


Bicycling is not only fantastic exercise but it is also an excellent source of exercise for children and adults alike. Teaching children at a young age the safe way to ride on the road and on designated bike paths is the best way to ensure their safety as they grow up.